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Thank you,
Citizens for a Better Paulding County

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We have several different types of material here but our primary purpose for videos is to video every Board of Commissioners, Industrial Building Authority, and Airport Authority meeting and publish them uncut so that you can see everything that goes on. It’s not always exciting but it has it’s moments.  And you will see for yourself how your government is operating.  You may not want to watch the whole thing but if you hear some wild stories about things that have happened at the meetings, you may want to check out the videos and see for yourselves.  The story frequently gets changed a lot in the telling.  We do hope you will follow the meetings as much as you can.  Our best allies in our fight are informed, educated citizens.  When you see for yourself what goes on you will understand why we oppose this project.
Be sure to visit our PDF page and browse through the information there.  We try to publish all documents we get as a result of our fight.  You might be surprised at what you will learn there.
Thank You,
Citizens for a Better Paulding County


Resolution 16-12 Discussion 03-08-2016
BOC Meeting 03-08-2016
BOC Work Session 03-08-2016
Smile for the Camera 02-23-2016
BOC Meeting 02-23-2016
BOC Work Session 02-23-2016
IBA Meeting 02-17-2016
AA Meeting 02-17-2016
Resolution 16-05 Discussion 02-09-2016
BOC Meeting 02-09-2016
BOC Work Session 02-09-2016
BOC Called Meeting 02-04-2016
Deadbeat Propeller & AA Board 05-20-2015
Brett Smith (Propeller Investments) Forgets What He Said 11-19-2013
BOC Meeting 01-12-2016
BOC Work Session 01-12-2016
Hiram Mayoral Swearing In Ceremony 12-31-2015
IBA Meeting 12-16-2016
AA Meeting 12-16-2015
BOC Meeting 12-08-2015
BOC Work Session 12-08-2015
Richard Mannous 12-01-2015
Vernon Collett EA Hearing 12-01-2015
Pete Steenland EA Hearing 12-01-2015
Frank Berardino EA Hearing 12-01-2015
Nikki Castleberry EA Hearing 12-01-2015
Alan Moore EA Hearing 12-01-2015
PC 139 Cert. Draft EA Hearing 12-01-2015
BOC Work Session 10-27-2015 Austin Nod
BOC Called Meeting 11-20-2015
IBA Meeting 11-18-2015
AA Meeting 11-18-2015
BOC Meeting 11-10-2015
BOC Work Session 11-10-2015
Tony Crowe Town Hall 11-05-2015
BOC Called Meeting 11-04-2015
Teresa Philyaw 10-31-2015
Todd Pownall 10-29-2015
BOC Meeting 10-27-2015
BOC Work Session 10-27-2015
IBA Meeting 10-21-2015
AA Meeting 10-21-2015
BOC Meeting 10-13-2015
BOC Work Session 10-13-2015
Debate and Vote on Occupational Tax Calc 10-06-2015
Hiram City Council 10-06-2015
BOC Called Meeting 10-05-2015
No 139 2 Year Anniversary 10-03-2015
Vernon at Democratic Meeting 09-26-2015
Ron Davis 09-26-2015 – Paulding County Republican Women’s Club
Teresa Philyaw 09-26-2015 – Paulding County Republican Women’s Club
IBA Meeting 09-16-2015
AA Meeting 09-16-2015
BOC Meeting 09-08-2015
BOC Work Session 09-08-2015
Paulding County, GA: NO Commercial Airport 08-31-2015
BOC Meeting 08-25-2015
BOC Work Session 08-25-2015
Citizens Can Be A Problem 08-11-2015
IBA Meeting 08-19-2015
AA Meeting 08-19-2015
BOC Meeting 08-11-2015
BOC Work Session 08-11-2015
BOC Meeting 07-28-2015
BOC Work Session 07-28-2015
IBA Meeting 07-15-2015
AA Meeting 07-15-2015


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BOC Meeting 07-14-2015
BOC Work Session 07-14-2015
IBA Called Meeting 06-30-2015
BOC Meeting 06-23-2015
BOC Work Session 06-23-2015
FAA AIP & Taxes – Posted 06-22-2015
BOC Meeting 05-26-2015
BOC Work Session 05-26-2015
IBA Meeting 05-20-2015
AA Meeting 05-20-2015
BOC Meeting 05-12-2015
BOC Work Session 05-12-2015
You Can’t Change The Truth By Denying It 05-01-2015
Out In the Open 04-28-2015
Paulding County Airport Authority 11-21-2012
To Recuse Or Not To Recuse 04-28-2015
BOC Meeting 04-28-2015
BOC Work Session 04-28-2015 Part II
BOC Work Session 04-28-2015 Part I
Not Substantial 07-22-2014
Austin Rant and Kersten Speech 04-17-2015
IBA Meeting 04-15-2015
AA Meeting 04-15-2015
BOC Meeting 04-14-2015
BOC Work Session 04-14-2015
Got Your Back 03-24-2015
BOC Meeting 03-24-2015
BOC Work Session 03-24-2015
Tony Crowe 03-10-2015
Patriotism 03-10-2015
BOC Meeting 03-10-2015
BOC Work Session 03-10-2015
Nancy Hollingshead 03-03-2015
AA Air Show Discussion and Permit Approval 12-17-2014
Calvin Thompson 03-03-2015
Chris Byrom 03-03-2015
Len Baklini 03-03-2015
Kersten Liberty 03-03-2015
Cathy Helms 03-03-2015
BOC Meeting 03-03-2015
Don’t Vote For Me 03-03-2015
BOC Work Session 03-03-2015
IBA Meeting 02-18-2015
AA Meeting 02-18-2015
BOC Meeting 02-12-2015
BOC Work Session 02-12-2015
IBA Called Meeting 02-09-2015
Attempted Change of IBA Legislation 2014
Susan Breen Tirade 01-28-2015
Voices 01-28-2015
BOC Meeting 01-27-2015
BOC Work Session 01-27-2015
Pawns – Budget Public Hearing 07-22-2014
Citizen Speeches 11-11-2014
AA Steering with Steven Justice 08-28-2014
IBA Meeting 01-21-2015
AA Meeting 01-21-2015
Carolyn Wright at Budget Public Hearing 07-22-2014
KV and Mike Jones at Budget Public Hearing 07-22-2-14
Paulding County Airport Authority 11-21-2012 Part 1
Paulding County Airport Authority Approves Silver Comet 11-21-2012
Martina Speech 03-11-2014
Calvin and Blake 2004
Chamber Breakfast Clips 11-19-2013
BOC Meeting 01-13-2015
BOC Work Session 01-13-2015