The following links are to PDF files for various informational documents pertaining to our efforts to stop commercialization of the Paulding NW Atlanta Airport.
There are several types of documents here, attorneys letters and filings, court documents, historical documents, maps, photographs, freedom of information requests and responses, and other documents.
We provide these to give you factual information and real research so you can understand what is at stake here.  We are not opposed to growth or jobs in Paulding County, we are opposed to ineffectual public private partnerships that benefit a small group of individuals at the expense of you the taxpayer.  Paulding County has a record of failed projects managed by the same people attempting to commercialize our airport.  A commercial airport for Paulding County is an ill advised endeavor, being managed by incompetent leadership.
You can also visit our Videos page for complete uncut coverage of BOC, IBA and AA meetings.
Thank You,
Citizens for a Better Paulding County


Order Dismissing Both Appeals (00701162xBE13C) 03-02-2016
Open Records Request response for Terminal Rent Payments 02-18-2016
Letter From Southern Environmental Law Center to Lisa Favors regarding EA 01-11-2016
Sidley Austin Comments on Draft EA 01-11-2016
FTP Link to supporting documents for Sidley Austin Comments on Draft EA 01-11-2016
Letter to EPA re: Paulding NW Atlanta Airport 12-15-2015
Response to Request for Legal Opinion Regarding Resolution 15-01 11-05-2015
Paulding County Georgia’s response to City of Atlanta Complaint 11-05-2015
Letter to FAA from P. Steenland re: FOIA Request for Docs from Draft EA 11-30-2015
Letter to FAA Counsel from P. Steenland re: Airport Public Comment Period 11-03-2015
KV Coggins Speech 11-10-2015
Open Meetings Act Complaint 04-09-2014
Pete Steenland Letter to FAA re: Part 139 Public Hearing 10-28-2015
FAA Response to Pete Steenland Letter 10-14-2015
Letter to W. Lenfert FAA re: Paulding County Airport Part 139 Application 10-14-2015
Letter From FAA to Airport Sponsors re: City of Atlanta complaint 08-26-2015
Memorandum Complaint of the City of Atlanta Against Paulding County 08-24-2015
Resolution 08-26
Paulding Airport Overlay 08-23-2015
PAMOD Mailer 08-05-2015
FAA David Austin re: Part 139 06-30-2015
FAA Calvin Thompson re: Part 139 06-30-2015
2003 Zoning Ordinance of Paulding County Georgia
Letter to W Lenfert FAA Southern Region re: PCA Part 139 Application 07-22-2015
Mary A Lynch Airport Aviation Forecast 05-26-2015
Trenton NJ Frontier Airlines DN0024 MOT to Dismiss 08-18-2014
Letter re: Paulding County Airport Expansion Project 05-11-2015
Proposal to Amend IGA 04-14-2015
Brief in Support of MSJ 04-09-2015
Public Participation Policy – Approved 02-19-2014
Letter to FAA re Terminal Area Expansion Project 03-11-2015
Georgia Watchdogs Newsletter 03-03-2015
Ultra Vires Complaint Filed 12-27-2013
Blake Swafford Employment Contract 01-21-2015
BOC Resolution 2015-01 Cancel 139 Cert
FAA Response letter to Kathy Helm’s letter 12-16-2014
Kathy Helm’s letter to the FAA 11-13-2014
Santa Monica Airport Health Impact Assessment (HIA) 2010
PCAA Bond Agreement 11-22-2013
PCAA Engineering Agreement 04-17-2013
IBA Terminal Lease 11-28-2012
60 Acre Letter of Agreement 10-24-2012


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PUJ Co-sponsorship Approval Letter 10-30-2014
Sample Voter Ballot for Nov 2014
PC Airport Deed 2007
Letter from city of Atlanta 09-23-2014
Resolution for FAA to add the Paulding AA as a sponsor for the airport
PUJ FAA Meeting request 09-10-2014
Motion to add Defendants 09-15-2014
Letter to D. Fuller FAA 09-09-2014
Draft Intergovernmental Agreement 09-04-2014
FOIA Response Section 1 08-27-2014
FOIA Response Section 2 08-27-2014
FOIA Response Section 3 08-27-2014
FOIA Response Section 4 08-27-2014
FOIA Response Section 5 08-27-2014
FOIA Response Section 6 08-27-2014
Georgia Aerospace Overview
Bond Agreement
Delta MEC Pilots Association Letter to Lisa Favors 05-21-2014
Candidate Contributions 05-16-2014
Cindy Crowe Letter to Paulding County 05-15-2014
Tony Crowe DD214 05-15-2014
GAARNG (MOA) Drop Zone for Airborne Operations 07-16-2014
Exhibits letter to USACE 06-24-2014
Letter to USACE 06-24-2014
Letter from American Rivers 05-28-2014
Buffer Variance Letter to GA EPD 06-17-2014
Delta MEC Airline Pilots Association Letter to L. Favors
Letter to Lisa Favors Attachments 05-20-2014
Letter to Lisa Favors – without attachments 05-20-2014
SCOG Initial Brief FINAL 03-10-2014
Appellants Reply Brief 04-22-2014
Citizens Meeting 02-27-2014
Appellees Supreme Court Response Brief
1974 Article Part B
1974 Article Part A
Preliminary Feasibility Study Appendices
Preliminary Feasibility Study Book 3
Preliminary Feasibility Study Book 2
Preliminary Feasibility Study Book 1
Letter to Lenfert – FAA – 01-28-2014
Paulding Press Release 12-23-2013
AMACS 2 Paulding
Parade Flyer (passed out at the Dallas Christmas Parade)
What’s Going on at the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce
Report: Privatized State Development Agencies Create Scandals Instead of Jobs
Creating Scandals Instead of Jobs
2012 Paulding Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
IBA Bond Projects